Storm Marrero

Storm Marrero

Storm Marrero is a singer/songwriter in motion.  The Brooklyn native grew up in Puerto Rico where she developed her unique vocal skills under the private tutelage of opera veteran Darisabel Isales, and as a student of the University of Puerto Rico’s prestigious musical theater department under the guidance of tenor Jose Ramon Torres.  Storm has roots in Contemporary, Soul, R&B and Latin music.  


Once Storm returned to New York, she took time to build her name and career.  And after a standing ovation at a tribute show for American Idol winner Fantasia, rumors started circulating that Storm was one of the most unique vocalists in New York. 


Curiosity got the best of people, and when Storm landed an opportunity singing at the renowned burlesque supper club Duane Park, people starting flocking to the venue to see if the rumors were true. 


New York City is not kind to its artists, and seeing is definitely believing.  Or, in this case, hearing.  But for 3 years Storm proved those rumors to be true as she wowed audiences week after week, first as a guest singer and then as the host of Studio 308, an ode to Studio 54 and the Disco era.


She currently has two EP's on all streaming platforms. Her recent production, ‘Black Gypsy’, which is on iTunes and Amazon, has gained quite the buzz, making Storm one of the most sought-after singers in New York City. 


Now she is gracing the stage of the newly revamped Théâtre XIV, home to the award winning dance/theater company, Company XIV, as one of their main vocalist. She recently wrapped up production on their vibrant rendition of Cinderella, and will be a part of the seasonal cast of Nutcracker Rouge for a third year in a row.  


Storm has dedicated herself to bringing back a gritty yet classic and unique brand and style of singing. It has to be heard to be understood.

Photographer: Mark Shelby Perry

Company XIV

Performance photos by Mark Shelby Perry

Head shots by Steven Trumon Gray & Chad Wagner